Maximum Design For Minimal Effort

Jun 15, 2022
1 minute read

Whether you're starting your design journey or if you've been doing design for years, nothing's more important than the fundamentals. The fundamentals are what help you get from 0 to 60, and when it comes to design it turns out that that 60% may be all you need. You can create something really beautiful by understanding color, spacing, typography, and animation, which is what we'll cover in this video. I gave this talk that at Pursuit, while live coding, showing you how to take an app from stock UIKit to something beautiful in only 15 minutes. I've been told quite a few times by people I've shared this talk with that it was invaluable for them, so if you've ever opened up Figma and thought "I don't know where to start", you should take 15 minutes to watch.

And if you need inspiration, here's a repository of resources I've put together to help you along your design journey.

Joe Fabisevich is an indie developer creating software at Red Panda Club Inc. while writing about design, development, and building a company here at Before all that he was working as an iOS developer on societal health issues @Twitter.

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